An Intro

Sup, shawties.

Blogging is not a new venture for me. It’s something that I’ve attempted on a few occasions before, beginning with a fairly long run on LJ during my younger years and several failed attempts on other, more mature sites. But it’s never stuck.

What will be different about this one? I have no effin’ clue. But, for once, I’m giving myself permission to just be my regular self instead of trying to develop a web-safe image. That said, this blog won’t be about me persay; instead, I hope it will be a reflection of who I am through the things I love. I’m not a pop culture maven by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a pop culture devotee.

So this will be my place, my soapbox, to ramble on about all the things I love or have disdain for. And, usually, some explanation of why those things mean whatever they mean to me.

Oh, and the blog title? Don’t ask me, ask the badgers.


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