I. Won’t. Be. Soothed.

Much excitement in my little geekgirl world today. Daria was finally released on a legit DVD set. All the episodes, both movies, and other assorted goodies. *squee!!!!!!!!x1000000000000* (I don’t even know what number that is…)

Given my current financial state, I won’t be able to afford this for a long, long, painful time. And I need to introduce my boo to this show (he didn’t have cable after 1994, so he missed a lot of thing pertinent to our generation). But…nope… none for me.

The main thing that occured to me while reading everything I can about this DVD release is that, really, the time frame seems off. For some reason, Daria exists in my head as something that I started watching at a much younger age than 13. But Daria and Jane were (and kinda still are) my sheroes. And I find myself still quoting things from the show that no one remembers, like “Magical talking toilet? Have you seen Daria?” and “There are serial puppy kickers out there!” So maybe they’re timeless.

For some reason, I remember watching this show with my bestie growing up (who was no longer my bestie by 1997). Maybe that’s projection; maybe I want Daria to be part of some non-trendy thing that helped shape me as a person, like my love for stripping (age 4) or my proclivity for calling everyone “Daaaahlink” (age 7) or my knowledge of Beatles history (age 13). I think I want Daria to be something that I became attached to earlier in life than when I was the exact right age for it (on the opposite end of the spectrum, I didn’t get into Buffy until it was off the air, making it not right for my age. Hmm.).

Even so, I still love Daria. And I credit the show with helping me make it through high school. I wasn’t a total misfit, but I was in the outcast class. Other than being in band, which (at my school, at least) helped unite the social castes, I was put in the “OMGZ what is she wearing?” group. The easy target. That “tall, scary chick” who wore JNCOS and wore the gigantic ball-bearing necklaces(until my senior year when I discovered that my legs were fan-freakin’-tastic) while loving classical music (oboes FTW!!!) and rap. 

I thank Daria and Jane for encouraging my love of lanky musicians. I thank them for letting me know that it was ok to be non-athletic, sarcastic, and, well, me. 


One thought on “I. Won’t. Be. Soothed.

  1. I will never forget the line, “Rampant Rodent Ripoff next on SICK SAD WORLD.” and even thinking about it now makes me totally laugh. Thanks for taking me down memory lane. I want to watch some Daria now!

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