I love music. Duh. I study it, I perform it, I learn it inside and out. I love the trivia that exists in the music world, and I especially love all of the known and unknown collaborations out there.

Some of my favorites include:

Beat It–MJ (Eddie Van Halen does the guitar solo)

Modern Love–David Bowie (Steve Ray Vaughn plays the guitar part at the beginning, and actually was on most, if not all, of the Let’s Dance album)

(I apologize… you can’t embed the actual video)

Satellite of Love–Lou Reed (David Bowie sings back-up vocals)

Fame–David Bowie (John Lennon sings the “faaaaaame” part)

Gloria–Them with Van Morrison (Jimmy Page plays lead guitar)

(WTF is that donkey doing?)

Paradise By The Dashboard Light–Meatloaf (Roy Bittan and Max Weinburg of the E Street Band play keys and drums)

(The woman singing is Ellen Foley, but the video features Karla DeVito lip synching Foley’s part. My mom actually went through a Karla DeVito phase in the early 80’s, with the hair and makeup.)

Any favorites to add to this list?


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