Pop Quiz: Name That Voice!

There’s been a recent upswing in celebrities doing commercial voice-over work that I find interesting and kind of fun. I like hearing those voices and going “Hey! I know that voice!” Unfortunately, most of the time I just..can’t..place..that voice, and so I send myself into a pit of frustration trying to figure it out.

Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little bit, but it annoys me.

So here’s your brain-teaser for today: I’m presenting 7 commercials with celebrity voice-overs. If you can get all 7 without researching it, you’re a better man than I. Here’s one to get you started; the other 6 are behind the tag, as are the answers. No cheating!

1) Honda Crosstour

2) Lowes

3) Pedigree Dog Food (Get the hankies out for this one…it’s an adoption drive commercial)

4) Duracell Battery

5) Mastercard

6) Campbell’s Soup

And now, here’s one you should all get:

7) Visa


1) Kevin Spacey

2) Gene Hackman

3) David Duchovny

4) Jeff Bridges

5) Billy Crudup

6) Tim Allen (this was the main one I had to look up!)

7) Morgan Freeman, The Ultimate Narrator

Thanks for playing, kids!


2 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: Name That Voice!

  1. Expressmom says:

    I wonder how much they pay these guys? The ONLY voices I recognized were Tim Allen and Morgan Freeman!

    • eieioj says:

      They apparently pay a pretty good bit, plus I think they also get some kind of royalty pay every time the commercial airs. It’s crazy!

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