Obligatory Oscars Post!

I realise the Academy Awards were a few days ago, but I tend to run a little behind on most things in my life. I did watch the awards, and didn’t feel terribly uninformed because I haven’t seen most of the nominees. And, overall, I was pleased with the results.

Before the Oscars, the only “major” nominees I’d watched were The Muppets(best song), Rango(best animated), Beginners(best supporting actor), and The Help (best supporting actress, best actress, and best picture). I’d watched some of the movies nominated for visual and sound categories (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, HP7pt2), but my movie intake last year…well…. sucked. Between having little to no free time during matinees, tickets costing over $10, and my movie partner being out of town most of last year, I only saw movies that I was reaaaaaalllllly interested in. And those happened to be mostly “kid’s movies”.

Which I’m totally ok with.

I still haven’t seen The Artist, but only because it never really played in the town I live in. I’m really looking forward to watching it, though. And I hadn’t seen Hugo before the ceremony, but we finally watched it last night. Holy. Lord. Ever seen a movie that makes you feel like a kid? But like a really smart kid? And a movie that makes your heart literally swell with giddiness? Yeah, that was Hugo.

I’m excited to see The Descendants, mainly because now the weird fake-German guy from Beerfest (oh, Grandpapa!) and the Dean from Community have Oscars. I thought the Help was a good movie, but not worthy of being nominated for best picture. However, Octavia Spencer deserved her win for best supporting actress.

Only big gripe with the show this year? They should have performed the 2 original songs. Because I said so.


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