Top Ten Tuesday–The Bowie Edition

And I’m back. Breaking my way back into this whole blogging thing. Whoo.

Top Ten Tuesday. Let’s try to make this a recurring thang.

Today, I’m going to celebrate David Bowie’s birthday with a top ten of my favorite of his songs. Why, you ask? Because I can, and it’s my blog, and I’m probably the only person reading, so why not?

Also, my parents cultivated a healthy love of glam rock/punk/new wave in me at a young age. And also, I’ve loved David Bowie since I first saw the movie Laybrinth, even though I didn’t know he was the guy who sang “that song that scared me”(ie: Space Oddity). David Bowie doesn’t have a perfect voice, but he’s got an honest one, and his music makes me feel things. And he and Iman are the dieties/leaders of my people, the Glamazons.

These songs aren’t presented in any particular ranking. Also, youtube/videos don’t run terribly well on my computer, so I’m presenting the list without video accompaniment. All are worth a listen, though, so seek ye out the kingdom of Bowie.


Ziggy Stardust


Queen Bitch

Life on Mars?

Laughing Gnome

Oh! You Pretty Things

As The World Falls Down

Modern Love

Under Pressure

The Man Who Sold The World




I love music. Duh. I study it, I perform it, I learn it inside and out. I love the trivia that exists in the music world, and I especially love all of the known and unknown collaborations out there.

Some of my favorites include:

Beat It–MJ (Eddie Van Halen does the guitar solo)

Modern Love–David Bowie (Steve Ray Vaughn plays the guitar part at the beginning, and actually was on most, if not all, of the Let’s Dance album)

(I apologize… you can’t embed the actual video)

Satellite of Love–Lou Reed (David Bowie sings back-up vocals)

Fame–David Bowie (John Lennon sings the “faaaaaame” part)

Gloria–Them with Van Morrison (Jimmy Page plays lead guitar)

(WTF is that donkey doing?)

Paradise By The Dashboard Light–Meatloaf (Roy Bittan and Max Weinburg of the E Street Band play keys and drums)

(The woman singing is Ellen Foley, but the video features Karla DeVito lip synching Foley’s part. My mom actually went through a Karla DeVito phase in the early 80’s, with the hair and makeup.)

Any favorites to add to this list?

A Day For Geeks

Yesterday, my dearies, was a combination holiday for me. May 25 is the (original) Star Wars Day, Geek Pride Day, and Towel Day! Wheeeeee!

Growing up, I was surrounded by awesome nerd culture. My parents both loved sci-fi (my mom more so than my dad), and I was raised on a fairly steady diet of Star Wars, old science fiction movies, and Star Trek (both TOS and TNG). Oh sure, I wanted to be a princess, but only if I got to be Princess Leia. Or her best friend who wound up with Lando (who was a close second to Han Solo for me). Our kids would play together, and we’d all make fun of their whiny Uncle Luke. What could be better?

My dad grew up during the ’50s, so he spent many Saturday afternoons watching the monster movies. His favorites (and mine as well) were the ones featuring “Science! Gone! Wroooonnnnnngggg!!!!” So, as a child, I saw most, if not all, of the Godzilla movies (not to mention any other number of “kaiju” movies). And movies like “Them!” “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” “The Fly,” and “X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes” traumatized him enough that he felt it was his fatherly duty to share them with me (and yes, I know “X: etc” came out in the 60s). Rather than being traumatized (because, seriously, I was 5 and knew how hokey they were), I was instead fascinated. I still think that all scientists are, indeed, mad (mad mad MAAAD!) and regularly request that my science-nerd best friend figure out how to make tiny clone-monster versions of me.

Star Trek was my mom’s thing. And she was an expert. I’m not quite as up on my ST knowledge as she was, but I can still pull the really obscure reference out of my ass if need be. I was in the Challenge program from 2nd grade through high school, when I started taking AP classes, and I remember clearly the first computer animation I created when I was in 3rd grade. I believe we were using Apple 2Es, and saved everything on those gigantic (literally) floppy disks. I created an animation of the Enterprise (I think I created the NCC-1701-A, since “The Voyage Home” was my favorite movie EVAR!) blowing up a Klingon Bird of Prey. Man, I wish I still had that. 

Towel Day is, of course, in reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This is something I came to later in life, so it’s not part of my formative years or my creation as a nerd. But it’s still something that’s become a part of my everyday life/conversations (which are riddled with quotes and references to all things pop culture). Also, it presents a pretty good female character in Trillian, which makes me happy.

Granted, this is a very limited scope of geekdom. But for yesterday, it’s pretty good. And relevant to me. So pffft.

Weekly Top 10

I’m tired, folks, and not feeling up to fully articulating the post I have wandering about in my brain, so I’ve got a modified post from my old LJ. 

But first, a brief history.

The majority of my friends love the movie High Fidelity. Some of them have even read the book!(This is a big deal if you know my vaguely illiterate friends). As such, a lot of our conversations take place in the form of lists–usually more than a Top 5, sometimes up to a Top 50, typically a Top 10. So, in order to help me out while I get used to this whole “regular blogging” thing, I’m going to do a weekly Top 10.

This week is one of my babies, a list that I proposed and, honestly, I don’t think anyone else did. 

This week, I present for your reading and aural pleasures– *drum roll*

The Top 10 Songs Featured In A Movie Scene

(in no particular order)

Little Green Bag- George Baker Selection—Reservoir Dogs 

This is possibly one of the greatest opening credit sequences ever. And I can’t imagine any other song sounding as cool. Hell, it almost makes the guys I know who attempt to mimic it seem cool. Notice I said “almost.”

(embedding is disabled for videos that actually show the scene, but you can follow the link)


Burn-The Cure—The Crow 

I love this movie, and I love The Cure. So this is a great combination for me. It’s a beautiful scene of transformation, and the lighting and use of mirrors is fantastic, then you throw in these lyrics—“Every night I burn/waiting for the world to end/Just paint your face, the shadows smile/slipping me away from you.” HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT? Ok, so it makes the little awkward fat goth girl in me happy… lemme ‘lone.

El Tango de Roxanne- Cast featuring Jose Feliciano— Moulin Rouge! 

This is easily the most powerful scene in the movie. I was trying to stay away from musicals, but I couldn’t not include this one. The emotions, the choreography, the Unconscious Argentinean’s voice, the juxtaposition of the classic Police lyrics with Ewan MacGregor’s “Why does my heart cry feelings I can’t fight?/ You’re free to leave me/but just don’t deceive me/ and please believe me when I say/ I love you!” Holy shit. It moves me far too much.

Duel of the Fates—Episode One 

The only thing that made Phantom Menace good was this song, and the fact that it had an entire scene built around it. Plus it makes the classically-trained vocalist in me happy, especially when I’m driving.

The Ballad of Serenity- Sonny Rhodes—Firefly 

In a song that is only 1:02 minutes long, Joss Whedon and Sonny Rhodes capture not only the essence of the show Firefly(apart from the problematic race issues), but also something bigger… they capture the values and soul of what being a cowboy, a sailor, or a TRUE pirate is. Remember in PotC(also problematic) where Cap’n Jack talks about what the Black Pearl is? It’s the world, and as long as he has that, he’s free. That’s what Whedon’s lyrics are talking about, and Sonny Rhodes slightly rough, slightly twangy voice lends it to the space cowboy-scape that IS Firefly. I like that. It makes me think of mah pappy, who was a space-cowboy-pirate in his own right.

Indian Love Call- Slim Whitman—Mars Attacks! 


Higher and Higher- Jackie Wilson—Ghostbusters 2 

It was a goddamn dancing toaster. What else do I need to justify this?

(ok, I couldn’t find a video with the dancing toaster. Sad day. But here’s the big scene with it.)

The Extreme Sports Punk Mix featuring Hold On-Wilson Phillips—Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 

There’s something about seeing grown men singing “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips that makes me happy inside. So who cares if there’s more than just one song in the scene? It’s a brilliant testament to the poser inside every extreme sports punk kid. 

When Somebody Loved Me-Sarah McLachlan—Toy Story 2 

I have an incredible attachment to my toys and stuffed animals, one that some might argue is disturbing in a 26 year old. I remembered this scene having an effect on me the first time I saw the movie, but blocked it from my mind. Recently, when The 3-D Toy Story Double Feature played at one of our local theatres, I bawled like a kid with a skinned knee when Jessie remembers being hurt by her previous owner. I don’t want my animals to feel like that! Even hearing the tragic Muzak version of this in the grocery store can make me get a bit teary.

(Get out the hankies, folks.)

Llorando-Rebekah del Rio—Mulholland Drive 

I defy anyone to watch del Rio sing this song and not get choked up. I don’t know why it’s so emotional. It just is. It’s beautiful, and haunting, and utterly utterly memorable. It’s possibly the one thing in that damn movie I understand.

So, dear readers (I’m assuming there are some of you, anyway), any that you would put on your Top 10?

An Intro

Sup, shawties.

Blogging is not a new venture for me. It’s something that I’ve attempted on a few occasions before, beginning with a fairly long run on LJ during my younger years and several failed attempts on other, more mature sites. But it’s never stuck.

What will be different about this one? I have no effin’ clue. But, for once, I’m giving myself permission to just be my regular self instead of trying to develop a web-safe image. That said, this blog won’t be about me persay; instead, I hope it will be a reflection of who I am through the things I love. I’m not a pop culture maven by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a pop culture devotee.

So this will be my place, my soapbox, to ramble on about all the things I love or have disdain for. And, usually, some explanation of why those things mean whatever they mean to me.

Oh, and the blog title? Don’t ask me, ask the badgers.