Top Ten Tuesday–The Bowie Edition

And I’m back. Breaking my way back into this whole blogging thing. Whoo.

Top Ten Tuesday. Let’s try to make this a recurring thang.

Today, I’m going to celebrate David Bowie’s birthday with a top ten of my favorite of his songs. Why, you ask? Because I can, and it’s my blog, and I’m probably the only person reading, so why not?

Also, my parents cultivated a healthy love of glam rock/punk/new wave in me at a young age. And also, I’ve loved David Bowie since I first saw the movie Laybrinth, even though I didn’t know he was the guy who sang “that song that scared me”(ie: Space Oddity). David Bowie doesn’t have a perfect voice, but he’s got an honest one, and his music makes me feel things. And he and Iman are the dieties/leaders of my people, the Glamazons.

These songs aren’t presented in any particular ranking. Also, youtube/videos don’t run terribly well on my computer, so I’m presenting the list without video accompaniment. All are worth a listen, though, so seek ye out the kingdom of Bowie.


Ziggy Stardust


Queen Bitch

Life on Mars?

Laughing Gnome

Oh! You Pretty Things

As The World Falls Down

Modern Love

Under Pressure

The Man Who Sold The World