Retail Therapy


I pulled my back a few days ago, which means I’m sort of reduced to sitting around in pain. And going to work in pain. And, basically, existing in pain. So, in order to make myself feel better, I indulged in some retail therapy.

I decided to check out Avenue, since I’d never shopped through them before. After much ranting about why plus size models either have giant boobs or are just really tall women in oversized clothing (I’m looking at you, WomanWithin), I was pleased by what I found at I mean, the models are still kinda…skinny… but at least the clothes fit well enough to give you some idea of what you’ll look like in the clothing (granted, I have a similar–but larger–body shape to these models).

First off, I bought this dress.I say "TADOW!"

My best girlfriend says it’s “TADOW! but not in the good way” but I disagree. I make everything I do reek of “TADOW!” and the more “TADOW!”-y, the better. Plus I can rock some paisley. I have no idea how it will look on me, but I think it’ll flatter what I’ve got going on. I’m picturing it with my hair down and loosely curled, and my red rose hair clip on the side. Maybe a shrug? Also, I like that it can be dressed up but I can also wear it to work.

I had a coupon code that I found on that gave me 50% off my highest priced item if I bought 2 or more things. This dress was already on sale for $29.96. I managed to get it for $14 and some change.

In order to get the discount, though, I had to buy something else. I’m not made of money, so I wanted my 2nd item to be something fairly cheap. So I looked at the jewelry and found several things I thought were cute (I love all of the owl stuff!). But I have enough rings, and I only have one necklace that I wear all the time, so I decided to go with a bracelet.

This bracelet is on sale for $4.96. I also liked the green one, but the blue will actually go with more things. I may wind up not keeping it (I don’t know that it’s            really me), so one of my friends may be getting a Christmas present a few months early!

All in all, I spent $26.93, including shipping! I’d say that’s pretty awesome.

Now back to the writhing in agony and whatnot.