Lisey’s Story

I heartily acknowledge that I am a Stephen King fan-girl. No, I haven’t read the Dark Tower series (I tried about 15 years ago, at the encouragement of my father–also a King fan–but just.couldn’ I promise to try again sometime soon), but I have read about 97% of his other works.

My favorite King books are his short story collections, but of his novels The Shining and  The Dead Zone are my favorites. I’m the child of a recovered alcoholic, so The Shining hits home on a lot of levels–and terrifies me for more than the haunted house (er, hotel) aspect. My heart aches for Jack Torrance through that entire damn novel. The Dead Zone is just beautifully written, and appeals to me on a more emotional level than King’s scary-paranormal stories. Again, my heart aches for Johnny Smith the whole time.

So I just re-read Lisey’s Story, and while I don’t think it’s up there with my favorites, I think it’s pretty damn close. Continue reading